I started to write  a nice article about how to visit London for this blog, when completely and very nearly unexpectedly my world was turned upside down.

I’m not gonna write about Brexit itself, you can get all sorts of information and myths elsewhere. Instead I wanna focus on what Brexit means for me.

The most obvious consequence is the loss in exchange rate between GBP and EUR. Since Brexit it went from 1.31EUR/GBP1In January it was even 1.35, last year up to 1.44 to 1.19EUR/GBP. This means I have to pay roughly £100 more per month to pay my regular bills in Germany.  Another financial problem will be rising prices, especially for many of my vegan products that are imported from the EU.

Most of the current uncertainty for immigrants in the UK does not apply to me, as I am very privileged as a experienced software developer. It is fairly certain that even in the worst case I will get a work permit. But very many others are not so privileged and that bothers me a lot.

On a more idealistic and personal level I’m very much devastated. This is a huge step back, away from an united Europe with less nationalism and more freedom regardless of where one was born and removing arbitrary borders.

For now the bottom line is: I’m staying in London and for now there’s not a lot that can change that. But due to personal entanglement I’m still depending on good relations between the UK and the EU.

[Sorry for lack of German translation, right now not able to provide one. But you’ll get an all-German blog post soon(ish)]

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1. In January it was even 1.35, last year up to 1.44